Tudung - Fesyen Tudung Terkini (Part 1)

Tudung is a scarf worn around the head by Muslim women in Malaysia. Tudung conceals the hair but not the face. That the main different between tudung and hijab.

In some Arabic-speaking countries and Western countries, the common meaning of hijab currently is of "modest dress for women," which some Islamic legal systems define as covering everything except the face and hands in public.Since the 1970s, hijab has emerged as a symbol of Islamic consciousness "and an affirmation of Islamic identity and morality" in opposition to "Western materialism, commercialism, and values.

Malaysian calls hijaab’ or headscarf’ - tudung. Malaysian women loves to obsess about their ‘tudung’. Resulting in thousands of type of ‘tudung’ that has ‘musim’ and ‘expiry date’ and has local celebrity-tagged name like ‘tudung Mawi’ (although Mawi obviously does not wear tudung) and ‘tudung Wardina’ (supposedly because she wears her tudung in that style).

Here in Malaysia, tudung or hijab has become part of fashion trend. Below is the picture how to ware tudung. Latest tudung fashion (Fesyen tudung terkini). Just follow step by step instruction shows.