Malaysia Fashion 2016

"Whatever challenges your body shape today, believe there will be clothes that can make you look great."

The words thrown by Randy phenol, as Fashion Director at Kleinfeld Bridal in Manhattan, United States (US), makes me continue to achieve the smartphone to record and take notes.
To be honest this is not the first time I watched TV reality series, Say Yes To The Dress - Randy Knows Best. For individuals who are thirsty for knowledge, I really like to follow, watch and learn how the experts and successful in the fashion industry, providing advice and consultancy services to customers.

Apparently, I was able to smile and breathe with what I earn and learn up abroad during this time, was not in vain.

The article wedding dress choice? Oh no. Maybe I can consider this issue as to articles coming.
Decided to continue the special edition of the festival over several weeks until the last week of Ramadan later, I still want to focus on several issues that can help readers become smart consumers, making strategy kept secrets WOW factor and techniques of image management simple.
I recognized for the first time to read my writing, may feel too many steps that must be followed.
In fact, turned to reality TV, Say Yes To The Dress - Randy Knows Best was that, what is most important when choosing a costume (in addition to identifying your undertone) is an individual's body shape itself.

As the host Randy, every woman is special - I believe, have advantages and disadvantages of each. There are challenges that come with having a more prominent hip and shoulder width size, some are petite.

For those who have a large chest, stomach muffin tops - others thoughts. Yes, there are also challenges with customers who have long legs (rather than above the waist) and chose to accentuate their assets.

Despite the ability to determine the form of customers who were present at the wedding shop, Randy also be skilled to identify the personality style of the customer that was. It turns out that all that can be achieved through the choice of fabrics and designs are chosen so that they (the customers had) said 'Yes' to the bridal dress.

What is the price and the brand also play a role here?
For me, when you are already familiar with this type of design, fabrics are best for your body shape, price and brand is no longer a priority here.
Also make sure you take out of your best undertone as one of the key elements when shopping. I do not deny that sometimes, quality comes at a price somewhat higher than normal. What more if it has a strong brand and well-known in the market.

Trust me, as long as we are able and have the time to make comparisons between manufacturers and operators are available, I'm sure you'll find something great at a lower price.
Of course I speak of my own experience, as users, observers of fashion, personal shopper and the capacity of an image consultant.

Well, while you-while we entertain this article, why not make sure first type of shape?
1Bentuk Hourglass - this is the most ideal form for distributing the weight evenly between the top and the bottom of one's body. Size shoulder and hips are the same with a smaller waist and slender, has a size difference of up to 10 inches!
2 Forms Ruler - Like the name suggests, they are shaped ruler does not have a slim waist is significant as the hourglass. Most of the time the size of the shoulders and hips are the same.
3 Pear shape - the most easy to detect, pear-shaped body that has a visual hips are wider than the size of his shoulders.

4 Form Apples - waist size that is wider than the chest and hips. According to a survey, a majority said they easily 'more body' in the abdomen compared to the hips. This is what distinguishes the apple and the pear when looking for the right clothes.
5 Shape Inverted Triangle or Inverted Triangle - Size shoulders wider than the size of her hips. Those who enjoy sports such as swimming (from childhood) may form the silhouette of the body such as an adult.
In conjunction with the Kingdom Edition article this time I will be focused on our traditional clothes, which types of dress. In line with the times, is now a modern fashion designs have emerged and accepted by all walks of life.
Although the invention is now more contemporary dress, with various decorations such as beads, sequins, filigree and dress material that no longer use cotton, but important, still retain their original features.
1.Baju parentheses Gulf claypot or Cekak Musang - Baju Kurung is a popular traditional dress, said to be very versatile, evergreen and is often the choice for women today because in addition to the feast, can be worn on formal occasions and ceremonies such as weddings.
Actually even dress clothes is considered the easiest to wear regardless of the form of the body, the most important is the type of fabric or material, in addition to the existing pattern and decoration on the shirt.

The key strategies while taking into account the pattern, ornament and fabric types to ensure that this is where the strengths (assets) and the lack of shape.
For example, if a pear-shaped body, then you lack in your hips, and your assets are in the upper body. While the apple, the assets will be concentrated on the hips down, chest and abdomen are shortcomings that need to be closed.

Cut the selection and usage pattern, ornament and type of material that can make parts of the body that you want to 'closed' was last seen noticeable. Instead, let the colors of smooth, dark, and if patterned sure it fits your body size (small, medium, large).

2.Baju brackets Kedah - believed to be from southern Thailand, shirts that resemble short blouse, loose and short level back, and worn with a sarong-like cloth. Due to the design of her dress that way, then I suggest to those who are pear-shaped brackets that do not choose designs Kedah for further accentuate your hips not hide.

3.Baju Pahang brackets - like this design very beautiful to wear to her hourglass shape also highlights again the ruler as part of the asset (the waist) are slim. Not one woman would choose parentheses pears Pahang but let the top of his shirt graced with little decoration or accessories that stand out so that the eyes that see not focused on the big hips that was.

Those who have broad shoulders (inverted triangle) also will look more beautiful with this design Pahang brackets, but also make sure that the shoulder does not come with any padding.
4.Baju brackets peplum - The only message I have for you, do not be fooled by this peplum design such as brackets, that you think and believe that the stitching pleated can hide your big belly. Brackets peplum is also very suitable for the hourglass and the ruler as the designs are more focused on the waist and pleated seam itself aims to show that visual body more fleshy and balanced.
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