Fesyen Beg Terkini - Bag Coach

ANY season jenama beg of choice most famous Hollywood celebrities, Coach will introduce the latest collection exclusively for penggemarnya.

This time jenama from the United States of America becomes an increasingly frenzied women appear Malaysia with a collection of the name Poppy for Fall 2009.

Executive Creative Director for Coach, Reed Krakoff said, for the special collection for the drop this season he meneroka-deep in the characteristics of women who use the Coach before this.

The results, showing the collective Krakoff beg hand, slippers and accessories with bright colors, patterns and prints and the use of labuci latest fabrik.

"In short, this is Poppy collection jenama Coach sustainability that also would provide a choice and taste for the new Coach peminat various layers of the age," he said in a fact issued recently.

May be concluded, this collection comes with a breath of fresh, young look and stylish appearance for a more forceful.

Once he participated in electrical current carrying elements of the retro with various combination of colors of pure light.

This collection displays the hands beg Spotlight Shoulder the classic shape a little but still captivating.

Starlet Satchel purse also shines with the shine off the metal and the more resistant fabrik energetic.

Beg also tote Glam up for the user, and zip keselesaan interesting.

Poppy collection also showed the influence of retro elements in addition to the obvious femininity terserlah.

You may not setakat style with hands beg even sandals, accessories, glass eyes and clothing chosen for you to complete your Poppy on this season.

Poppy also created a logo which typically take inspiration from the painting symbolizes the vigorous Graffiti this collection.