Fesyen Baju Raya Terkini

Shopping centers and a commercial premise on the part of the whole sale barangan Hari Raya Aidilfitri in BANDAR RAYA diserbu this client, multiple barangan at the end of time.

Examination of the e-mail from Malaysia today, many people find berasak Asaka-the marshland was different barangan mainly clothing, kuih-muih, kerepek and barangan decoration from 9 clock. Fesyen Baju Raya Terkini

The buyer is owned by the purchase of the time the end of the waiting period of fresh at this time so barangan bought with the price.

Surirumah, Md Nor Fadhilah. Zain, 46, for example, when buying a part at the end is kelazimannya with his family because he is gay and menjimatkan.

"The atmosphere is seronok end of time and the price is more important to be ditawar low prices," he said, if the Larkin market today.

Situation between the end of this gap is of the Plaza Angsana, Kotaraya Plaza, City Square and Larkin Plaza. Fesyen Baju Raya Terkini

Nor Fadhilah said that every year, used it to buy clothes for the children of the street as Malay clothes and clothing hooks on one or two days before 1 Syawal.

"Setakat price is satisfied if it relatively barangan bought too early," he says.

Children, Muhamad Ellyas Ibrahim, 20, says that although buying a little worn, but there is no problem, a choice because there are many barangan.

"No problem Saiz find clothes that are normally too short for anything even asked," said the student Politeknik Dungun Terengganu.

Fesyen Baju Raya Terkini. Penyelia resources of the park, Mohd. Kamal Yahya, 44, says his wife and him nothing less than buying at the end of time. Fesyen Baju Raya Terkini

"I want something, but there is still less than the time we take this opportunity to buy what is worth," he said.

A peniaga, Shahrul Samad, 23, means that the various barangan notably food and clothing rose twice ganda highway at the end of time.

It says that the proportion of income are also normal and peniaga May as one of the highway peniaga. Fesyen Baju Raya Terkini

"Other Larkin on the market there is a bass, by the terminal and that of so many people crowded road freight transport in Europe may be sold," he said.

Fesyen Baju Raya Terkini. A student, Siti Sarah Ibrahim, 13, says it was certainly an issue with their hooks, even when many buyers compete with each other after every wear.