Fashion Raya 2016

See baju raya collection of local fashion brands growing up, Aere, definitely I feel calm with a minimalist design that blended well with the use of soft pastel colors that captivate.

If collection of baju raya Aere year before, Aerexduck inspired by the paintings of famous painters Mondrian, who is known for painting blocks of color, this year, a collection of Aere FEELeidcollection more focus on the concept of minimalist, simple and in the future the same design sophisticated and elegant with dramatic cuts without using additional accessories.
What remains are the characteristics that anonymous by Aere, versatile design with multiple functions combined with comfort emphasized in each design. Romantic and fashionable, certainly eyes will be on the same pair with different styling FEELeidcollection collection of other added another Malay shirt designs that use modern pieces with a minimalist neck and matching color and material.

Is a collaboration with his good friend, Ibn Aswan, Malay shirt designs that are wearable throughout the year melihatdari styles and cuts that are simple and at the same time highlight the characteristics of masculinity.

A total of 24 collections FEELeidcollection with 100 color variations of sizes XS to XXXL are now available through a shopping destination famous Malaysia, with prices ranging from £ 139.90 to £ 229.90. It is also available in the boutique FashionValet at Bangsar Village II, Kuala Lumpur, Modvier and ShoesShoesShoes.

ANY design clothing, cloth or underwear designed and sold separately.
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