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Not only women, but men are not left out in the morning to look handsome for the handsome Aidilfitri.Fesyen elections is growing, which is not limited to the Malay clothes styling alone. In fact, fashion kurta also be their choice.
Fashion kurta which originated in India is fast gaining popularity among local men. If wanted a difference on election day, they can style kurta would make the wearer look more prominent.
Meet the taste of active men who want comfort and stay smart, kurta with pendant features a collection of pieces loose and fall hit the knee with slits on either side to facilitate active movement in any event and occasion.
The use of cotton fabric and hue that evokes the aura of masculinity makes kurta collection of pendant is comfortably worn in hot and humid weather in Malaysia. Additional design neat, minimalist and do not overdo make kurta is suitable for worn all the time.
According to the Manager of Marketing and Promotion pendant, Nadia Abu Bakr, to plate the traditional elements with modern design pendant has issued its own image that gives disparity compared with other kurta collection.

"We have some of them Kurta Kurta collection Iwan, Kurta Kurta Padin and Ayin. Each collection has a different color in order to provide unlimited options to customers.
In addition to color selection, kurta collection pendant also features variations in styling, which has a neck headband Kurta John Fox. Concept 3 in 1 is used as pieced together with pants. So, this kurta can be matched with the side, "he told .com.

Kurta Kurta reforms highlighted in John where his neck had no buttons, instead replaced with a rope in order to provide variety to the wearer.
Add Alif, Kurta Ayin also made necked round and has the advantage of allowing the user menyinsingkan arm sleeves up to the elbow and tie it in comfort.
Do not focus solely on the design, fabric selection 'cotton skinny' provide maximum comfort to the user, other interesting pieces.

Styling kurta pendant can enhance the confidence of the fashion style with matching new fragrance, Dashing Adventurer Range 2.0. appropriate according to the personality of the girls.
"Kurta pendant can match with four fragrances recent Dashing the Pure Energy, Edge 2.0, Xtreme 2.0, and Bold 2.0. For fragrance Pure Energy, it can be matched with John Kurta set green to reflect the level of fitness and agility men.

"In addition, the fragrance Edge 2.0 is a perfect match with the use of Kurta Padin dark blue highlighting reforms to the wearer," he said.
Kurta Iwan red heart with a fragrance quite suitable match Xtreme 2.0 accentuate individuality courageous man. Meanwhile, fragrance Bold 2.0 is ideal shared peach colored Kurta Ayin which can highlight skills man, "he said.

To guys who want variety on this feast day, can get in the mood pendant kurta collection held at PWTC Republic until tomorrow or visit our boutique located in Bangi pendant Sentral.
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