Disco Fashion

How to dress up like 70s / disco fashion?

* Microdrive, mini or maxi-1970, the length
* Travel broadens the easy way Mind
* Central heating cars and set light clothing
* Caftan or Kaftans
* Ethnic fashion trends of the 1970's
* For 1970sAfghan Fit and Cheesecloth Fabrics
* Flared trousers, and Bell Bottoms Trouser Suits
* Platform shoes previous
* 1970 Tank-Tops and sweaters Mix & Match
* Substances and the 1970's Fashions
* Disco Dance Crazes
* Fashion Disco 70s

Write your hair big. Afros and pompadours was the height of the disco-fashion for men. Long, smooth hair, permed hair or very close was the norm for women. Turn your body glitter and shine. Cover-even in Glitter; wear Make-up in colors bright and shiny, fake eyelashes and eyebrows a lot of blue. Dress in a full set of coordinate, if possible, as a leisure suit or velvet jumpsuit. It could even wear a costume Village People. Put on dresses noisy unfavorable combinations. Accessorize with a lot of fake gold chains and jewelry. Expose Brustbehaarung as far as possible, if you are a man. Drag on a narrow trousers at the ankles burning. Slip platform shoes, if one considers that the whites are ideal. Try only in the dress of synthetic substances, including polyester. Put on dresses noisy unfavorable combinations.

Good luck.