Latest Malaysia Fashion Trends

Uptodate, trendy fashion with a very innovative cool hunting and the search for trends. Uptodate is the best fashion school in Milan's Fashion District. Cool hunting, of course, which is the last opportunity to learn new techniques to identify key fashion trends and habits. A very complex system to analyze the situation and the changing lifestyles and their immediate consequences in major fashion trends.

Under the slogan "Asia Trend 2007," M-2006 IFW is a sensational presentation of verstrebend bridge over 20 days of showcases and display Work exhibition stands, the introduction of new players, such as Lewre, Marks & Spencer, the Melium Group, Malaysia's famous couture designers like Bernard Chandran, the KL Six (Edmund Ser, Eric Choong, Michael Ong, Melinda Looi, Sonny and Tom Abang Saufi San), Albert King, Bill Keith, and many, many .

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