Fashion Croquis

Fashion croquis drawn is a fast direct model sketch, which, as a general rule, in a few minutes, after which the model change and considering another sketch.

The short duration of the laying of the model benefits, as they do not need to provide them for a long period. This also benefits the artists, because it allows them to concentrate on the essential elements of the installation. With this type of design and installation artist, simply do not have time to learn all the details, so that they learn to ignore them and focus on the essentials. Sketch is also a good way to draw subjects that are not based and raises, but always in motion, such as animals and children. Sketch drawing can then serve as the basis for another, as a work of art or paintings that can be used as a work of art.

In fashion, the term refers to a quick sketch a character with a drawing of loose clothing, which are currently underway for preparation. Often, a large number of drawings are created sketches for a finished appearance, which was designed and completely finished.

The word croquis comes French ans means simply "sketch".

So, basically Fashion Croquis is a fast fashion sketch by designer with model.