Baju Kurung Teluk Belanga

Baju Kurung Teluk Belanga also better known as shirt bracket or shirt bracket Johore. This shirt can be worn by race man and woman.

Historically it, this shirt first wear at the time Sultan of Johor state, namely Almarhum Abu Bakar's king reside in Teluk Belanga, Singapore at around year 1800 an. Hence that is it call Baju Kurung Teluk Belanga and it also is Malay national dress Johore. Since this shirt application has evolved to other states in Malaya. Shirt bracket make Malaysians national dress and worn a lot deep official functions. Kurung Teluk Belanga's shirt is too long, and his deduction loosely because dirusuknya gusseted and under his arm also put gusset. His neck's deduction round and part in front.To surrounding hole perforation the neck, bone stitch eel use supply tidy up and strengthening more stated collar. Shirt bracket gulf pot those used by race man and woman basically is the same except;

a) Shirt those used by too long man it is same level buttocks, cover his neck broad and had three pocket namely in left chest, in the right chest and in forward lower part shirt, while shirt bracket those used by womenfolk also too long it to to the knee with a pocket in left chest or even without pocket.

b) Menfolk dress up in this with samada trousers Acheh's trousers or Seluar panjut Kaum woman also fit him with samada cloth cloth from back strain, songket or silk. This material also tie with bond named wave heave, namely with folds position him in right flank or left. Sarong head generally placed backwards when worn with shirt bracket this.

In the past, Johore's woman fit shirt bracket with cloth outside trade, namely a sarong originally use as cloth veil to veil head and shelter from sunlight when out walk. This outside trade cloth imposed at the waist as side cloth man with his waves waves to take to left flank and disaukkan on the arm or hold with the hands.

Cloth mantul, namely short a scarf embroidered with kelingkan customary gold will hang to shoulder when the wearer impose shirt bracket with cloth this outside trade. However, shirt bracket to day this no longer wear with traditional cloths as such which usually used only by Malay community past.