Fashion Baju Kebaya

Kebaya shirt worn by Malay women. Have two theory on the origin kebaya shirt. A said word 'kebaya' that originated from from Arabic word "Habaya" mean gown part before. Another said such clothing these brought by Portuguese for Malacca, then because that is age-old kebaya worn in Malacca; not only by Malay women but also by Chinese women Peranakan (Baba) with little deep difference deduction and style wearing him.

Kebaya shirt original is designed long to knee-deep or more. Long arms and broad. Part of the body tailored and widened down beginning from back side. Front there also part and collar reach to the feet shirt. Those areas part this pinned with three separate brooch or connect with delicate chain. This brooch known as "mother" and "child" brooch. Large brooch and on once call mother and two more small and wear under mother's brooch call child.

Kebaya is variety of styles. For example in Selangor, the kebaya no collar. In Perak also kebaya's arm a very wide over with kebaya in states other. In Pahang also, kebaya's shirt which is known as shirt Riau Pahang have collar neck and hooked as shirt bracket hands civet but front him also part as shirt other kebaya; in fact comply partner brooch under it button.

Suitable kebaya shirt to everyday clothes and also groom clothing. For everyday clothes, suitable kebaya shirt make from cotton and velvet or silk (for those stay) and match with the normal sarong. Shawl only imposed when out of the house. For groom also, his kebaya's shirt make from songket and a matching with his sarong. Shawl also made from songket.