Aksesori Tudung


CELEBRATION and demand which is ready to promote the tudung tudung make manufacturers and wholesalers of this type attempt to produce new designs.

This can be seen in shops around the capital tudung that increasing the amount from time to time.

In addition, many women in tudung who sell such time at the office, factory, etc. at home as income earned quite lucrative.

Look, if there is a carry tudung sales office then the public will swarm to choose a collection tudung that although there have been at home full basket.Aksesori Tudung

According to wholesalers and designers tudung Eve, Jeffrey Arazmi, make requests that encourage wholesalers tudung tudung always produce the latest designs.Aksesori Tudung

Although the design has not changed much tudung but variations can be observed from the type of fabric used and the decorations that add attractions.vAksesori Tudung

Women bertudung can still see the stylish and graceful if wearing tudung smart way to diversify. Aksesori Tudung

For example,''such as sewing the beads or gems are placed on the artificial tudung. Furnishings such as this ea Aksesori Tudung sily attract buyers who always want the latest and exclusive,''he said when met at the Studio The Star recently.

He added, tudung latest designs for the comi Aksesori Tudung ng days after Nona, rainbow pattern and berbelak Belak-like pattern as the choice is not available in the market.

Blouse called the Rainbow''was decorated with imitation gem stones on the front tudung. Even so, for who wants to see a short, can choose a blank without decoration.

Use buckle injecting variations in application tudung. Aksesori Tudung

But''people who are creative ways to diversify the application of tudung. Now use the attention of women began to buckle as decoration than tudung brooch.
Aksesori Tudung
Options''buckle can be made either by color or clothes that are decorated with gems. In addition to buckle, you can use a ring or earrings large as decorative,''said Jeffrey again.

Reported, each Aksesori Tudungpiece of tudung dijualnya provided with glove arm match. This is consistent with those who want to close the arms shame.Aksesori Tudung