Dr Mahathir Mohamad: Openness


The media controlled by government should be free and non-partisan.I hate reading the newspapers nowadays because its usually bout the same thing. And its very different from what is reported at the alternative media. I guess its what we choose to believe.It is very obvious that local media are now been control by authorities.

But my question is,

Is that good to control the media?

Well, It is not good to LIE the public. The truths are all been hidden by the gov't . Majority of us act like a frog inside a well of being not knowing the truth of our country. I hope there will be more purity of media and things in our country. We shouldn’t let this carry to the future. It isn’t a healthy practice

Dr Mahathir Mohamad: Openness

It's that relativity thing again, "openness". One do not have to "study" (as you had suggested) the mainstream media to observe their pinhole "openness". My bulging Hadhari eyeballs can certainly detect more openness (literally) flipping through the entertainment section of those newspapers. There were obvious "control" during your tenure of the premiership, but on hindsight, those were acceptable. These days? Oh dear... mainstream media reads like junk, even tabliods are more entertaining. The mainstream media's spin is only successful in cementing people's distrust of the government.

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