Dr Mahathir Mohamad: Samy's Folly

Samy Vellu is desperate. A drowning man. Confused. Angry, infact with the whole world. Sungai Siput voters rejected him. Jobless. Powerless. No longer respected by the masses. Except by his few cronies. No more protocol. No more pom pom girls. No more red carpet. No more official function. No more invitation. No more speeches. No more VIP status. Lesser media attention. Infact, no longer an important man as he was before.

Nevertheless, he has created history as the longest serving PWD Minister in the world. Perhaps, we should all garland him for this. Wellway...wellway...wellway...hidup
Samy Vellu

Charles Mohan of NTV7 interviewed him recently at one of the MIC & Pandithan's political party. Another culprit. A provocater. A hippocrates. A racist in discreet. Charles Mohan actually instigated Sammy Vellu with question pertaining to Tun's remark in one of the function in JB recently. At that moment of anger, Sammy blasted out on matter pertaining to the racist remarks. I however, conclude that Sammy outburst is due to the manner Charles Mohan questioning him. It was infront of other MIC members. Sammy lost control of himself and lost face in public. Therefore, he let off his cool.

Within the Malay community in Malaya and now Malaysia, there
is a culture, or a believed, or a standing order that between a snake and an Indian, the Malay would killed the Indian first. This thinking existed simply because, from history, the Indian highly respect the British colonial master in Malaya before and after independent. The Indian with position in the British goverment those day looked down on the Malay ethnic as incapable, backward and illiterate. The Malays are being bullied. This are facts. Not something taken from nowhere. It is being told to me by my ancestors.

"Between the Snake and an Indian Killed the Indian first". Translating it, simply means a race which cannot be trusted.

Infact, the Indian was given another title, ie. as a "Double Headed Snake". Ular dua kepala. Cannot be trusted. Ungrateful. A rascal with big ego. God created them amongst the lost of all ethnic. A lowest of all caste.

In once occasion, I had the opportunity to assist Samy Vellu in one political function. It was chaos. Hectic and a mess. After everything was over, Samy Vellu remarked, that the worst thing on earth are, organising an Indian function. Imagine, the statement is by him. Not me.

Hold Sam...you are a leader too.

"We (the Malays) are not the type to protest and have accepted those who came to the country. We even accorded them rights unlike other countries," Dr. Mahathir said at a talk last Saturday.

"Despite the MIC appealing again and again for help, he refused to budge," Samy Vellu said, reacting to Mahathir's remarks during a talk last Saturday.

Dr. Mahathir racist?

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And below is Dr. M comment regarding this issue:

Dr Mahathir Mohamad: Samy's Folly