Gaya Barang Kemas Terkini Malaysia

Friday ago at the Studio Messenger Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, held a session to introduce photography collection of boxed goods jenama Tomei.

Photography this time involving the sixth-straight six barangan will crumple in a clash Alerts Create a Mother's Love Mother's Day greeting bersempena MEGA suggestion, the Messenger of Malaysia through the room mode that has begun since 16 Mac ago.

All boxed barangan has digayakan by Siti An Naseha, 20, student faculty gayaan hair from Creative Technology Universiti Lim Kok Wing.

Before the session began photography, Siti An Ann Naseha or make-up has been styled by famous jurusolek, Riezza Amour, whereas jurugambar, Mohd Shariful Hafizal also responsible for every shot taken.

The process of preparation and photography session went well and participated in, witnessed by The Right and The Campaign advertising Tomei, Christine Lim Foong Cha.

Christine said, this is a photography session period to introduce the appropriate boxed goods that will belong to the mother and child pairs who won contest bersempena Mother's Day is.

"We participated berbangga introduce a collection of gold and white photography in this session. This photography session will attract more participation from readers outside of there," he explained.

In addition, Christine said, because the winner is also likely to be lucky get barangan that has been boxed up by pereka Tomei from outside the country.

"This invention is also the exclusive and shapes also versatil, meaning he digayakan appropriate age by all layers.

"The winner is to be fortunate because the primary contest has two potential forms of a gold ring with a diamond encrusted white gold 18 carat white berkualiti.

"Second and third prize is not less terrible, which is a pair of earrings with two different forms of fiction and two counters are beautiful," he explained.

Christine participated in the main value of the prize which is valued at RM7, 000 each, whereas the second prize is RM4, 000 and third prize RM2, 000 each.

Tomei has been 30 years as an underlayer jenama experts in the invention and the boxed items. In addition they are also brilliant as jenama that respect both for the customer.

Tomei now have 40 cawangan in Malaysia does not include all six in China and five in Vietnam.

The philosophy held jenama this is the quality, fiction, and the value perkhidmatan. He once made the gus Tomei options customers from various nations and age ratings.

Jenama others under Tomei is like my Diamond, and TH Jewelery Le Lumiere.

According to Lim, the inclusion in the contest Alerts Create a Mother's Love as the inspiration to share with Malaysia in the Messenger service appreciate mothers throughout Malaysia.

More special, a gift given to the winner not only for the mother only, but for once the author's words.