JC Bag Fashion


Unique art style building became inspiration to Capri Juicy Couture (JC) to apply to the collective labor spring / summer 2009 which was introduced recently. Although identified more with the color pink in most of the details, this time JC inject aberration with a combination of yellow and black, green and blue color and soft as cream, gray and white.

Equipped with a rope strung short dress green shoots and green bananas, for example mencetus dark images free to the user because it have the right, but because there is a little feminine cerutan appeared on the waist of the body that captivate.

May take the aura of Capri to be the location of choice percutian summer, JC diversify labor discount. Kardigan with a discount of three tribes dipadankan yellow liquid with a short dress on the chest berplit inject if disarungkan polite.

Confinement of two-strand keselesaan give to the user because it consist of die-fabrik than suitable for all types of events after spring / summer is awaited.

In harmony with the seasons diraikan, do not complete if not put on clothes and a flower pattern motif JC display some flowers on a strand introduced.

Beropol knee dress look on the bottom of the confinement to be superior to the large flower print pink a dark blue. Concerning childbirth bring clean impression to the user.

Other options present in various colors and patterns such as striped, polka dot, geometry and butterfly motif eternalize unique label that JC also introduce the collective spring / summer 2009 for the child and the man.

There are also sandals, slippers, accessories and completeness as relaxed on the beach towel and beg for childbirth including riadah provided. Justeru, visit boutique JC to get the blade was in the heart.

Do not remove the opportunity have the collective JC this time because it brings the spirit of the new regulation in your style.