Baju Kurung

The Baju Kurung, or more precisely, Baju Kurung Teluk Belanga, Pahang Malay traditional dress for women.

Baju kurung in blueAnd in "modern" period, we have the Baju Kebaya, in particular, the Baju Kebaya Turki (also known as the Riau Baju-Belah or Baju Pahang), and another with its famous clothes Ladies and Pahang.Also go Simply Malay at home, open the cabinet of the lady of the house, and you can certainly find at least one Baju Kurung clothes in the cupboard, not to say a line Comprehensive women Malay traditional costume.

This reflects the fact that, although some women prefer the modern Western dress Baju Kurung remains an elegant and sweet for women in dress Pahang and Malaysia.