Institute of Fashion Technology

The most famous from the Indian subcontinent, the Institute is the national Institute of Fashion Technology (nift). Nift has seven centres across India and the centre of New Delhi, is regarded as the best fashion school in the Indian subcontinent. Fashion technical school (Pune) has a three-year degree courses in fashion design. The diploma courses, as well as.

Most fashion design courses, for a period of three years. And cultivate students of the art and technical aspects of the issue, some courses including a year of work in the fashion industry, so that students appreciate the fashion design business. Others the opportunity to visit the fashion houses abroad. At the end of last year to produce the majority of students this is the time to collect the performance to the buyer and future employers in the College Show. Continually lower costs, a collection of about 7:57 installed (this figure different from college to college). To the consistent and impressive look forward to the limited range of clothing, students specializing in a particular field. Many college students to enter the creative design contest, organised by clothing or fabric company.