British Fashion

Most of the major countries and fashion industry, including Belgium, Spain, Portugal, India, the Netherlands, Germany, and Australia. However, only five countries have been identified in the international community's reputation in the fashion design. These countries, namely France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy and Japan. Following is a brief description of the fashion industry in each country.

As in France, the majority of the British fashion house in the capital, London. And France is a compilation of style and way of doing things, in the women's clothing, as well as a high degree of man in London, SAVILE Pai special. British fashion house with a very traditional British style: elegant, after cutting conservative, but not too sophisticated and expensive materials kind of noble, and even the 'imperial' elegant, such as the traditional '1950s novices robes, compared to France 'fast'. The first fashion designer, Charles value, and citizens of the United Kingdom, although he has made his name in Paris, the 19th century. In the 1920s of the last century, Norman hartnell become well known for the development of evening dress, and then the design of the British Queen Elizabeth II of the internationally renowned wedding and coronation dress, and a member of a large the number of the British Royal Family. British designers including vivienne and Westwood, Sir, Hardy amies, Paul Smith, and Christopher Christopher Fubeili Fujien.