Latest Fashion In Italy

Most of the old Italian in the Roman couturiers. However, in Milan, Italy, fashion and most of the bases in the capital, the famous designer of the exhibition, and it is renowned for its collections. Italy, fashion and elegance that can be with luxurious materials. The Italian luxury brand, the first SARUVATOREFERAGAMO (exports was exquisite hand-made shoes since the 1920 United States), better known in the exclusive name of the Valentino fashion ( "ROSSOVARENTINO" REDDOVARENTINO] line), JANFURANKOFERE (cut a daring, brilliant, colorful clothing), Giorgio Armani (subtle verweichlicht men and women), JANNIVERUSACHI (leather clothing own interfaces), and Dolce & gabbana (modern classic of ABANTE - vanguard of Appeal), by Business Week Magazine., the largest sale of Gucci, the Italian fashion brand in the world in turnover of 7158 billion United States dollars.

Most major countries, sectors and, more broadly, such as Belgium, Spain, Portugal, India, the Netherlands, Germany and Australia. However, only five countries have been identified and the international community's reputation in fashion design. These countries, namely France, Britain, America, Italy and Japan. Below is a brief description of each country, in the fashion sector.