Fashion City of The World

Centres of the current fashion world are Paris, London, Milan, New York and Los Angeles, but in other cities as Rome, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur and Sydney also are being convirtiendo en well known.

The fashion, by definition, changes constantly. The changes could proceed more quickly than in most of the other spheres of human activity (language, thought, etc.). For some, the modern and the speed changes in the fashion encarnan many of the negative aspects of capitalism: that the results of the residues and the impulsa to the consumers to buy donde las cosas unnecessarily. Other people, especially teenagers, disfrutar de la diversidad que la modification of the fashion can provide to opinion, to see the change constantly as a way to satisfy their desire for the experience "new" and "interesting" las cosas.

Dentro de la industria de la moda, the intellectual property ya no es forzada que se encuentra dentro de la industria del cine y la music industry.While names of marks and logos are protected, the designs are not.