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Fashion Design Polytechnic is dedicated to designing clothing and accessories in the pattern of social and cultural life and the diversity of psychotropic some time.

Fashion design is different from fashion design to its core with an integrated product team, as a general rule, and one in two seasons. Season to be known as the autumn and winter, spring and summer. Fashion design is, in general, the assumption that in the nineteenth century with Charles Frederick value, and was the first person, and name as it creates sewing clothing. While all clothing from each period studied by scientists to design costumes and clothing that 1858 can be considered fashion.

Designer fashion design, clothing and accessories for women. Some high-fashion designers - the design and independent of each client. Other high designers - to provide material support or highly specialized shop - fashion - warehouses. This asset creation clothing designers, as well as those who follow fashion in the place. Most designers, but working conditions for garment manufacturers, from design to the creation of men, women and children - the mode of the block of the market. Designer, trademarks, which are the "name", as his mark as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, or potentially so, a team of designers under the supervision of the individual director and designer.

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